Our Impact

In the early years, following its inception, the Chatham Kent Community Foundation focussed on using its available funds to make small grants, frequently $5000-$8000, to eligible community organizations.  As its endowments grew, so did the impact on the community, as more money became available annually to invest in community development.  We are pleased to showcase some of the many noteworthy projects, which have greatly enhanced the lives of Chatham-Kent residents, and that were supported by significant grants from the Chatham Kent Community Foundation.


Total Committed

Ridgetown Adult Activity Centre


The Village Resource Centre—Wheatley


St. Clair College Healthplex


Since 2013

Active Lifestyle Centre


Since 2013



Since 2001

Dr. Richardson Fund—Tilbury


Since 2014

Blenheim Youth Centre


Since 2013 with a total of $154,724 total committed

Children’s Treatment Centre

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